Sales Automation

Reduce cost per conversion by 50% or more. 

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 UBERify your customer journey

greneCRM enables a unified & autonomous customer to cash journey. Stream line operations and boost your bottom line. Hyperautomation can propel organisations to meet the demands of an enormous customer base and thrive in cut throat competition.    

Automated Lead Generation

GreneOS has ready bots that can crawl the web for leads related to keywords and auto generate opportunities on a continuous basis. Once the lead is generated, depending on the customer and industry the platform can also assign the apt sales personnel to the lead

Remote Sales Team Management

The first step to 100% data integrity is to connect your entire internal and external salesforce to a single real time system without the worry of per head licensing costs. GreneOS connects internal, external and channel sales forces using just their smartphones.  Once connected hierarchy planning, target setting, sales incentive planning and all sales team related management can be done remotely.

Real Time Target Administration and Sales Incentives

Every organisation finds its own way to deploy targets and provides sales incentives and this will change every year based on the organisational goals. For a system to do this so that sales incentives can be calculated everyday and released on the same day will change the game in sales.

Instant Configure Price Quote

One of the most important parts of a sales process is accessing the cart of products and services chosen by the customer and giving an instant price at the point of sale. This instant pricing ensures that conversation rate is double vs when the customer has to wait for a price quote.

Robotic Order Management System

Order management developed on the GreneOS hyperautomation platform reduces order processing time by 70%, brings in early revenue, and 20% of an account manager’s time. This can give any sales organisation an instant ROI within 60 days. 

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