One Platform

Endless Integrations

CRM Integration

Salesforce, Oracle or any legacy CRM can be integrated to greneOS with minimal coding

HRM Integration

Roles, designations, contact information and hierarchy can be linked with your existing HRM system. 

Social Media Integration

Have an enterprise whatsapp account, twitter or linkedin account for marketing, greneOS can exchange data with these systems.

Email Integration

Enterprise Exchange or Gmail can be integrated so that users can have a unified view of their work.

Data Warehouse Integration

Have a Cognos or any other data warehouse, greneOS can has ready APIs to convert data into suitable formats for seamless data exchange.

Cloud Drive Integration

Document storage and exchange can be integrated to your cloud drive of choice.

Real Time System Integrations

GreneOS provides comprehensive real time APIs for System Integration.

Are you currently using a CRM system? Are you looking for email integration? Do you have an existing data warehouse, or are looking to create one? Would you like to use our HRMS integration? What about social media platforms, do you need to integrate with your new automation process, such as WhatsApp or LinkedIn?Is there any integration that is not listed that you would like to explore more fully.

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