One Platform

Endless Processes

CRM Replacement

greneOS is the worlds first system to unify the customer to cash flow into a single platform. 

Bespoke Process Builder

To step away from the cookie cutter systems like SAP and Salesforce, greneOS is fully customisable in real time. 

Proprietary Data Formats

greneOS comes with 60+ different proprietary data types with a messaging system that can be read by humans and machines with equal precision. 

ERP Replacement  

greneOS has full ERP scale capability with inbuilt functionality for SCM, HRM, FM, PM and others.

Zero / No Code Interface


No engineering time is required to build processes on greneOS. Our managed services team or partners can implement new processes in minutes.

AI Enabled Data Validation

All data entering the greneOS system is captured at the point of transaction and AI verified to ensure optimal machine learning.  

Real Time Process Management

GreneOS provides a platform that can be used to create, manage and automate processes at any stage. Developed from the ground up with a focus on process automation, it provides a ready-to-go ecosystem of features that can be deployed across any organization in the world. Greneos builds custom process builders to add to its library, opening up new possibilities for organizations of all sizes.
The platform is equipped with sensors that provide real time data collection, AI enabled data validation for greater accuracy, automated status management of workflows and self-healing capabilities.

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