One Platform

Endless People Management

Remote Workforce Management

COVID has changed the game for the workforce. Remote is here to stay and greneOS is built for it. Our virtual office interface is unprecedented. 

Real Time Vendor Interactions

Strong Vendors, service providers and partner collaborations are what make the new generation companies successful. 

Unified Collaboration Space

Weather interacting with colleagues, customers, vendors, machines or company assets, a greneOS user experience is unified.

Autonomous Customer Services

Customer expectations have changed forever thanks to COVID. greneOS delivers realtime services to the customer smartphone. 

Secure Mobile Workspace


Mobile is the new enterprise ID, smartphones are the new computers. greneOS is built as a mobile first interface. 

Real Time People Management

People Management is a major focus for most organizations. People include customers, partners, vendors and the workforce. The GreneOS platform gives organizations the ability to manage their workforce from anywhere with a desktop or mobile device.
With a secured mobile workspace, employees can work from anywhere and have all of their information with them at all times without being concerned about security.
With a secure desktop browser workspace, employees can just use any computer to connect to their organisation.
With Zero Touch Customer Service, all customers are greeted by name and asked if they need to be assisted before they start logging in.

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