AI to heal our Planet.

We at Grene Robotics, are into research and development of artificial intelligence that manages resources optimally to make earth a smart and sustainable planet for our future generations.

Grene Robotics

We deliver Autonomic Systems.

As organisations grow, traditional manual management cannot scale at the same rate. Autonomic systems are self managing physical or software systems that learn from their environments. But unlike autonomous or automated systems, they can dynamically modify their own algorithm with no software updates. This allows rapid responses to change, enabling management at scale of complex environments.

We started Grene Robotics in 2008 to bring people, process, things and data into one unified platform that can be managed by an AI CEO. Our platform has replaced salesforce, SAP and oracle on multiple occasions.

The greneOS platform

Backed by 11 years of R&D, greneOS is built to replace decision support systems with autonomic systems. greneOS delivers new data fabric, composable applications, decision intelligence, hyperautomation and a distributed enterprise. 

greneOS Applications


greneOS Applications can be built on the fly with a drag and drop interface. The platform automatically manages cloud space, coding, processing and user interfaces.

greneOS Drones  


greneOS Drones are autonomous and plug and play ready for various use cases. The platform automatically manages connection, charging and control remotely.

greneOS Sensors  


greneOS Sensors such as cameras, radars, occupancy sensors, mic and more are edge AI processing capable and plug and play ready for various use cases.


Our Solutions

The greneOS platform is industry, function and sector agnostic. The platform assumes that every organisation operates uniquely and cookie cutter delivery models will lead to low adoption rates.

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Our Customers

GreneOS is growing rapidly across public and private sectors.

Our Values

We’re making the world a safer, more sustainable place using AI.

Nature is the greatest engineer, we constantly look for inspiration in nature.

We like to challenge the status quo, take risks and shatter conventions.

Our greatest assets are our People. Be people centric but also people independent.

To keep growing is to keep changing. Evolution is the only way forward.

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