One Platform

Endless Analytics

Real Time Process Analytics

Thanks to its process driven architecture. Every process build on greneOS has real time analytics associated with it.

Interactive Dashboards

Thanks to its unification strategy and real time data capture all graphs have drill down to the lowest interactive layer so immediate actions can be taken.

Slice & Dice 

Geography, product, process, stage, time, user and various other slices and dices are instantly available. 

Real Time Process Alerts

Thanks to its event based architecture, all alerts build into greneOS are caught before they enter the database.

Spreadsheet Exports


All data in a specific graph can be exported as needed into spreadsheets with a simple click of a button.

2D & 3D GIS

Real time data can be viewed in a 2D or 3D heat maps or real time interactive maps.

Real Time Operational Analytics

With GreneOS, companies can automate their entire process and solve the problem of not having enough data scientists. Our platform is capable of producing automatic, real-time analytics that allows you to identify problems and make predictions about what will happen next. It also has the ability to predict trends based on user interactions. GreneOS can aggregate data from different sources or different types of data into one interface. Inbuilt GIS is a powerful tool for understanding and visualizing spatial data. One of the many advantages is that it gives you the ability to see your data in 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional pictures, with or without overlays of other geographic information such as roads, buildings, and rivers.

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