One Platform

Endless IOT Devices

Vision Sensors

Cameras that can view, sense, read, understand and take autonomous decisions in real time.

Airspace Sensors

Radars that can detect airborne objects from a nano drone to a passenger plane 

Smell Sensors

Air chemical composition sensors that can smell, recognise, identify and categorise smells.

Proximity Sensors

Lidars and various other sensors that can detect depth and distance in a 360 degree environment.

Sound Sensors

Acoustic sensors that can hear, sense, identify, categorise and take autonomous actions.

Industrial Sensors

Temperature, pressure, contact, tilt, orientation and various other sensors for specific measurements.

Real Time IOT Integrations

HyperAutomation requires machines to sense data from the environment using sensors such cameras, lidars etc. 

Using the right sensor, they can even detect anything from drones to harmful gasses. GreneOS has ready to use, plug and play sensors for almost every use case and our expertise will ensure the right mix of sensors are used for your organisational needs. Radars need line-of-sight, so they can’t penetrate through obstacles. Lidars are similar to radar, but they use light to detect objects. Augmented Reality Goggles work by overlaying virtual objects on top of the user’s view of the real world. Machine Vision Cameras offer high resolution and detail that other types of cameras don’t. Humidity sensors measure the amount of humidity in the air, Temperature Sensors compile information about ambient temperature, Occupancy Sensors control electric appliances, and Other Sensors measure sound levels.

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