One Platform

Endless Automation

30+ Ready RPA Bots

The greneOS platform comes with ready to use process automation bots that can automate processes, predict delivery times and more.

Document Bots

Document reading and document creation using machine interpretation gives massive time savings to any organisation

Explainable AI

Analysis of Skill, capability, timeliness, response rate, experience, attitude and various other profiling information are displayed for every resource decision taken by greneOS.  

Spreadsheet Bots

Reading Spreadsheets and building new spreadsheets  as a form of data output are built in functions.

AI Bots 

AI bots are decision making bots. Resource planning is the single most important decision of any organisation. ARP bot uses machine learning to add and remove resources on a process based on the resource’s skill, capability, availability, experience and exposure to complete the process in the shortest possible time. 

Intelligent Automation

GreneOS is an out-of-the-box, ready-made hyperautomation platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Machine Learning and IoT for organizations to automate their processes.
GreneOS connects to your organization’s systems through a variety of interfaces, including API connections and third party products, enabling the automation of any process or document in minutes.

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