We at Grene Robotics

build autonomous systems

We design high-end custom-made solutions
that help businesses run faster, governments serve citizens
and cities defend themselves

We have 3 products in the market today 

backed by 11 years of R&D on unmanned systems


Unified hyperautomation platform

Taking enterprises from digital confusion to Autonomous Operations using a single, unified platform that empowers employees and supports customers.


Autonomous surveillance & security

Protect a forest, camp or factory pilot-free with fixed electro optics and drone cameras that are powered with our edge-processing machine vision AI

greneDome (Indrajaal)

Comprehensive drone security

Protect military installations, sensitive areas and even entire cities with our comprehensive counter drone system that delivers wide area and 360 degree protection.

Grene Robotics 

an Indian-origin multinational B2B/B2G autonomous robotics company

We provide a wide range of bespoke aerial and ground autonomous
solutions for the private sector, defence industry, and governments
worldwide. Our solutions bring real-time intelligence and autonomous
decision making to the people who need it.

We help you transcend the 5th Industrial Revolution of human-machine
coexistence so that profits and sustainability can thrive together.




Nature is the greatest engineer, we constantly look for inspiration in nature.

We like to challenge the status quo, take risks and shatter conventions.

Our greatest assets are our People and Patents.

To keep innovating is to keep growing.

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