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Autonomous Drone Operations

GreneOS is the only platform that offers plug and play drone integrations with various drone manufacturers because one size does not fit all. This means that you can integrate drones into your business in a number of different ways, including, but not limited to, security cameras, delivery services, surveillance cameras, and counter-drone systems. greneOS has a plug and play drone integration that’s designed for drone manufacturers and anyone else who wants to get their drone up and running quickly. Their modular approach is perfect for all types of drones, from small inspection drones to large, heavy-duty models. greneOS is an artificial intelligence platform that leverages AI technology for managing a fleet or swarm of drones simultaneously in real time.

Drone Surveillance

Use of unmanned and tethered drones to monitor an area of interest persistently for real time changes. 

Drone Delivery

Use of drones with varying payloads from 200grms to 50kgs, controlled by a central command center 

Drone Security

Persistent surveillance followed by instant anomaly investigation will ensure real time threat detection

Counter Drones

The counter drones intercept and neutralise rouge drones entering a restricted airspace. 

Drone Ports

Self sustaining and wireless drone ports at strategic locations with smart drone flight paths to be managed in real time across various drone operators.

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