One Platform

Endless Defence Applications

GreneOS is an AI enabled platform that will unify and automate defence command, control, computer, cyber security, communication, collaboration, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting systems.

At Grene Defence, we offer and build Autonomous and Unmanned Systems to advance military capabilities. Our indigenous systems are capable of performing tasks and taking decisions that are too complex, risky or even impossible for humans to analyze in operating environments and envisage effective new mission protocols in real-time. The offerings are backed by 30 years of field experience and 10 years of research by Wg Cdr MVN and his team. The tech is built in continuous research coupled with actual use cases to bridge the gap between current needs and future possibilities.



Autonomous Drone Defence Dome System

Indrajaal is a first-of-its-kind wide area, distributed and unified system that is capable of identifying, assessing, deciding and acting against threats such as UAVs, Smart Munitions, Smart Swarms, incoming missiles and other low-RCS threats autonomously. A single Indrajaal can protect a large area of 1000-2000 square kilometers leveraging a combination of 8-10 technologies along with our proprietary AI control unit and Autonomous command & control system.


Autonomous Battle Management System (ABMS)

A first-of-its-kind autonomous command, control, communication, computers, cyber-defense, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting system that is capable of seamlessly integrating all combat elements Land, Sea and Air under one unified operating environment that will deliver intelligent decision-making capabilities in peacetime, conflict or war most effectively and efficiently through strategically  integrated theatre commands.

Autonomous MANPAD Data Links (AMDL)

Executing precision hits while maintaining control at the C2 centre

AMDL is a first-of-its-kind mesh networked, centrally integrated, AR/VR enabled and AI/ML edge enabled last mile C4I system that is capable of connecting multiple MANPAD operators in a single mesh and link them to a single command to deliver highest hit-rate and zero fratricide. This will also deliver highest situational awareness for the shooter and maximum degree of control with augmented intelligence and voice commands. Currently all Man-portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) are usually operated by one gunner & observer in very unfriendly environments with almost no linkage to a local command, other operators and are not integrated to the central command center.   

EW Range

Building modules for the Electronic Warfare Environment

Every fighter aircraft entering enemy battle space is faced with a hostile Electronic Warfare environment. The ability of the aircraft platform to survive the environment is based on operational capabilities and operational exploitation of the EM spectrum for own use in the heat of battle. Modelling, training, and developing tactics for operational exploitation of the EM spectrum is facilitated in a well-equipped EW Range. Grene develops key modules of EW C2 for the EWR.    

our defence leadership

R. N. Bagdalkar


Mr. R.N Bagdalkar’s deep knowledge and experience of over 35 years in technology planning and system integration are helping build futuristic Electronic Warfare systems in Grene Robotics. During his tenure at Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), he created in-house technology development modules and converted BEL-Hyderabad into a self-sufficient software developer. Over the years, he has been working relentlessly on creating autonomous defense systems.

Dr. Avinash Chander


The ‘Agni Man’ of India – a scientist, technologist, chief architect of the Agni series of ballistic missile systems brings over four decades of defense expertise from DRDO to Grene Robotics. His vision is to make India a global force with strong pioneering R&D and building indigenous capabilities for the nation’s defense systems. He has been awarded the prestigious Padma Shree Award by the Government of India for his contribution to the field and has numerous other recognitions under his belt.

Wing Commander MVN Sai (Retd, Indian Air Force)

CEO – Defence

MVN is a defence visionary, thought leader and a stoic technologist with a proven track record over 3 decades. Sai has dedicated himself to building future-ready defence capabilities for India. His vision is to create a Sovereign Defence Autonomy for India using cutting-edge technologies that can be applied to civilian space as well.

After spearheading one of the largest command and control networks in the country while serving the armed forces, Sai, today is a coveted C4ISR Specialist with extensive experience in the Indian and International Defence Industry. As the CEO-Defence, he has brought in the much-needed technical know-how and capability stratum to build Grene’s Defence Operating System. 


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