We Deliver Intelligent Automation Solutions

One Platform, Endless Automation

GreneOS is the cloud AI platform that automates any process using AI and Robotics.



Connecting 100% of the customer to cash flow into a single platform and enabling AI to support customers.



The new generation of autonomous drones can scan a building or factory pilot free. 



Cities that respond and manage to the needs of its citizens in real-time using HyperAutomation

Grene Robotics helps organisations transcend the 5th industrial revolution of human-machine coexistence so that profits and sustainability can thrive together.

Backed by over 12 years of R&D, we build autonomous systems that enables organizations to unify and manage 100% of people, machines, processes and systems with a single platform. Our platform empowers organizations to solve complex problems effectively by bringing real-time intelligence and autonomous decision making to the people who need it.

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This Hyderabad startup wants to usher in Industrial Revolution 4.0 with its hyper-automation solutions

Jan 14, 2022

Aviation and Defense Universe Magazine: Wing Cdr Sai Mallela (retd) CEO Defense, Grene Robotics in conversation with ADU for Indian Army

Jan 14, 2022

FORCE MAGAZINE: The Web of Indrajaal

Jan 10, 2022

Financial Express: Grene Robotics: Made for the world, from India

Dec 20, 2021

The Zero Touch Customer Experience using GreneOS

The Zero Touch Customer Experience using GreneOS

→ InsightsIts about time that enterprises are shifting from Sales to Customer Experience. There is a paradigm shift from physical to virtual - thanks to Covid19. Customer Expectation is changed forever Anywhere 24/7 Real Time Autonomous GreneOS it a ready AI platform...

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DefOS powered Anti Drone Weapon protects Red Fort

DefOS powered Anti Drone Weapon protects Red Fort

→ InsightsDef OS platform powers the Anti UAV / Anti Drone system for CHESS / DRDO Lab's laser weapon. The AUAV solution is built on the Grene DefOS platform and integrates Radars, Electro-Optics, ESM systems, third party Weapon systems as well as Jammers. The highly...

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Autonomous Defence Dome for Wide Aerial Protection

Autonomous Defence Dome for Wide Aerial Protection

→ InsightsAutonomous Drone Defence Dome (AD3) A powerful Anti-Drone Dome that fortifies a large area / city against drones and drone swarms. C4ISRT platform A singular backbone that allows seamless connectivity and interoperability between diverse EM systems ranging...

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