BlueFlock | Real time Operational Intelligence Platform

A web based real time operational intelligence platform ,BlueFlock is an unique Tier II ERP solution provided by Grene Robotics. Available for deployment as a Cloud based web solution or a simple on premise deployment on the end customers existing platforms. It requires no more than one installation, greatly simplifying the process leading up to full implementation and adoption. Being a Web based solution BlueFlock can be accessed from any fixed or mobile platforms.

Why choose BlueFlock ?

BlueFlock is a highly customizable and easy to use operational intelligence platform that enables very effective Tracking, Streamlining & Control Management of Processes in Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, Administrative Control and Customer Relationship/Services Management.
  • Cross-platform mobile apps
  • SAP HANA Real time analytics
  • On-Prem or On-Cloud deployment
  • Instant Drag & Drop Customization
  • Real Time Intelligence
  • SAAS for SMB clients
  • Full service for enterprise clients
  • Easy integration with existing sys
  • 96% accurate data
  • 2% to 3% reduction in operating costs
  • 10% to 30% workforce productivity improvement
  • 100% visibility into global operations
  • Real time exception resolution
  • Explore new revenue oppurtunities

Command Center

Manage exceptions in real time and take corrective action instantly. Get global operational visibility.

  • Exception Management
  • Geo-location
  • Field Force Automation

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Operational Intelligence Dashboard

Monitor operational and business patterns across your organization from a central location in real time.

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Real-time Operational Intelligence
  • Field Force Automation

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Enterprise Resource Manager

Customize BlueFlock to suit your organization with simple drag and drop functionality and deploy instantly through out your organization. Manage enterprise people, assets and mobile devices from one simple interface.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Employee Task Management System
  • Enterprise Mobility

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